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Window Cleaning &

Screen Repair Services

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Starting at $10.50 for interior, exterior glass, sill and screen wipe down. (picture is an example of 2 casement windows)

Storm Window.jpg
Storm Window

Starting at $5.50 per storm pane in addition to window type.  Includes  interior & exterior glass panes, sill vacuuming, & screen wipe down. 

Built in Mullion

Starting at $1.50 per pane for interior and exterior glass, sill and screen wipe down.

Double Hung.jpg
Single or Double Hung

Starting at $12.50 for interior, exterior, sill and screen wipe down. (built in mullions additional)


Window Expertise

Real Life in High Definition

Igor Skaro, the owner of the previously known "HD Window Cleaning & Powerwashing" is the managing partner of the Window Cleaning, Powerwashing and Screen Repair division.  With over 15 years of experience in the window world, there isn't a home that he can't make shine.  


His combination of "state of the art" equipment and his hands-on "old world" approach brings life back to any window. 

Through the years he has perfected screen repair, saving homeowners the time and expense of replacing screens for minor tears. 

Igor believes in the highest level of customer service.  If he can't personally be on a job, he will reach out to the homeowner to ensure satisfaction every time.  

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